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Lotus, Vintage 2000

  • Harvested in 2000 from 100 year old Wild Tea Trees
  • Aged for 20+ years
  • Perfect coffee replacement
  • Rich, full flavor with dark, thick golden broth
  • Brew sweetens with each resteeping

Old Tree, Vintage 2008

  • Harvested in 2008 from 100 year old Wild Tea Trees
  • Aged for 12+ years
  • Smooth and well balanced with a sweet aftertaste
  • Rich, thick amber broth
  • Perfect everyday drinking tea

Big Snow, Vintage 1999

  • Harvested in 1999 from 500 year old Ancient Tea Trees
  • Aged for 21+ years
  • Full-bodied smooth and complex flavor
  • Light, sweet, refreshing golden broth
  • One of the most prized grades of Puer


Vintage 1998
Hand-picked and harvested from 100 year old trees that were planted from seed, then hand-pressed into bricks in 2000, this aged ripe Puer has both a rich flavor and a beautiful golden color. Full-flavored and fulfilling, made up mostly from tea stem, Lotus offers a highly-prized complexity, depth and smoothness like no other Puer tea.

Big Snow

Vintage 1999
Hand-picked and harvested in 1999 from 500 year old trees, Big Snow leaves were aged loose and then steamed and stone-pressed by hand into bricks and cakes in 2013, giving this rare and limited treasure a complex, full-bodied smooth flavor that is rich and sweet in its finish.  Big snow is one of the most prized grades of Puer tea, a rare gem with unrivalled harmony, complexity and depth.

Old Tree

Vintage 1998
This evenly balanced shou Puer was made from ancient wild trees that were planted from seed. Harvested and pressed into bricks in 2008, Old Tree offers a complex yet balanced flavor with a sweet after-taste, satisfying cup after cup. This thick black brew with a pungent long lasting taste and mouth-watering effect, is a great choice for an everyday drinking ripe Puer tea.

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