Old Tree

Vintage 2008

Aged Looseleaf

Smooth and well balanced, mellow with woody earth notes and a sweet lingering finish

Old Tree, Vintage 2008

Aged Looseleaf
This evenly balanced Puer tea was made from ancient wild trees that were planted from seed. Harvested and pressed into bricks in 2008, Old Tree offers a complex yet balanced flavor with a sweet aftertaste, satisfying cup after cup. This thick amber brew, with a pungent long lasting taste and mouth-watering effect, is a great choice for an everyday drinking tea.
$ 25.00 USD
50g Tin of Aged Looseleaf

High-Grade Vintage Tea

Traditionally grown, harvested, processed & prepared, aging since 2008

Alkalizing, Mineralizing

Old-growth trees in the pristine nutrient rich Yunnan Province of China

Unique Taste Profile

Smooth & balanced, mellow with woody earth notes & a sweet finish

Energizing & Elevating

Enjoy 6+ Hours of focused calm energy without the jitters or midday crash
A Uniquely Magical Experience

An Extraordarily Unique Drinking Experience

Serve Gongfu Tea at your establishment Or Event

a Dark, Thick Silky Brew Anywhere, Anytime

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