What does Puer taste like?

Puer Tea is smooth, bold, silky, rich and  sweet in flavor. It is a full-bodied sipping tea, yet light and airy, similar to some of the world’s finest wines and whiskey liqueurs. Each tea in our curated collection features a unique taste profile and every cup produces a new unique flavor as the tea opens and awakens, so you will never drink the same cup of tea twice.

Can Puer replace my coffee?

Yes, Puer is an excellent coffee replacement, as it can be brewed into a thick, dark beverage that energizes and awakens the body. Puer is a healthier alternative to coffee and other energy drinks. Puer tea contains theanine, an amino acid that has a calming effect. The combination of aged caffeine and theanine produce an alert, yet relaxed feeling without the midday energy crash. Puer is also more cost effective than coffee as the same leaves can also be resteeped multiple times for a delicious drink that lasts all day long.

Does Puer contain caffeine?

Puer does contain caffeine, but the caffeine in Puer offers a unique experience due to its rare aged state, as the caffeine in the leaves have been fermenting for decades.  Puer contains about 37 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce serving, compared to 86 milligrams in black tea and 200 milligrams in a standard cup of coffee, making it a better choice for people who are limiting their caffeine intake. When drinking Puer out of a pot, most of the caffeine will come out in the first pot of tea. For those looking to limit their caffeine intake, the initial pot may be discarded. Any additional brews with the same leaves will contain less caffeine.

How is Puer tea different from other teas?

Puer Tea is post-fermented, meaning the tea leaves go through a microbial fermentation process after they have been dried and rolled, causing the leaves to darken and change in flavor. This process allows Puer to improve with age and to retain its freshness for more than 50 years. This unique fermentation process and prolonged aging improves the taste of the tea while giving Puer its rich, dark color. Similar to some of the world’s finest wines and whiskey liqueurs, Puer mellows and improves in taste and flavor with age. Many of the Puer Teas in our collection were harvested more than 20 years ago, offering unique characteristics and a smoothness that is otherwise impossible. Puer is a living tea, so each time the leaves are brewed they will produce a different flavor profile as the leaves open and awaken, providing a unique experience in every cup.

How Do I Drink Puer?

Enjoy Puer in many ways; you can sip the thick broth in a traditional gongfu ceremony, brew a large pot to share with friends, make a thermos to drink all day or simply enjoy a cup. Puer can be steeped longer to produce an incredibly dark, thick, and silky broth. Puer can be enjoyed black or you can add any milk and/or sweetener. To enjoy a refreshing cold brew, Puer can also be served over ice.

How is Puer made?

The first step in the production of Puer is harvesting the tea leaves. Our highly prized Puer comes from ancient tea trees found in the southern mountains of Yunnan. After being harvested, the tea leaves are dried out and then dry-roasted to stop enzyme activity and oxidation. The tea leaves after dry-roasting are called maocha. To turn the maocha into fermented Puer, the leaves are put into a warm, humid environment, where it’s piled up, dampened, and periodically stirred up, in a process similar to composting, but with a much tastier result.

Microbes that were on the tea leaves during harvesting ferment the tea leaves while it’s being “composted”. After fermentation is done, the tea leaves are then compressed into bricks or cakes. The prolonged storage and unique fermentation of Puer improve its taste, enriches the flavor and gives it its rich, dark color.

does Puer have any medicinal properties?

Puer is revered for its tremendous health benefits. Its tea leaves go through a natural fermentation process which helps produce micro-organisms that are particularly beneficial to the human body. This medicinal tea contains a high amount of antioxidants that protect the mind and body. Puer has been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, increase bone density, aid in digestion, reduce stress and inflammation, control weight and help fight bacterial and viral infections. Drinking 2-3 cups of Dragon GongFu’s vintage Puer tea on a daily basis can serve as a healing herbal remedy.

Can I drink the same brew all day?

Yes, the same pot or termos of Puer can be refilled many times for a brew that lasts all day. You can make a large pot or fill up a thermos and refill with boiling water after each cup to enjoy multiple brews throughout the day.

What will i feel after I drink Puer?

Our fine Puer teas offer a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks, producing a prolonged calm yet alert, focused, productive state that lasts for 6+ hours.

Where is Dragon GongFu’s Vintage Puer made?

For thousands of years, Puer has been cultivated from the leaves of old-growth trees in the mystical mountains of Yunnan Province, China. Like Champagne or other regionally specific foods and beverages, Puer tea is a geographically indicated (GI) product and it can only be produced and fermented in Southern Yunnan province. All of the Puer Teas in Dragon Gongfu's curated collection come from the pristine nutrient rich Yunnan Province.

Why is it called Puer?

Puer's history relates closely to the tea trade between China and other nations, notably Tibet. Puer is named for the town from which it was originally sold en route to other countries, Puer City. Puer was originally compressed into shapes for more efficient transit, and it acquired its dark color and flavor due to natural fermentation in transit to its final destinations.

How does dragon gongfu select the teas in our collection?

At Dragon Gongfu, we only offer the highest grade Puer Teas available. All of our offerings are curated and hand picked by a Tea Master and Master Herbalist who was born and raised in the Yunnan Province of China, where Puer Tea is cultivated. The Tea lineage we are working with originates from the inventors of ripened Puer.

All of our vintage Puer teas have been processed using traditional methods, paying close attention to temperatures, moisture, soil and timing. Hand-picked from organically seeded, old-growth trees in the remote and pristine Yunnan Province of China, our tea leaves offer trace minerals that cannot be found in any other plant. Our teas are processed by hand, sun dried, followed by a long process of fermentation and maturation. Many of our Puer Teas were harvested more than 20 years ago, offering unique characteristics and a smoothness that is otherwise impossible.

Are the dragon scale sachets eco-friendly?

Yes, our Dragon Scales are 100 % Biodegradable in landfill or compost piles. The sachets are made in the USA from a 100% annually renewable source (Non GMO sugar cane). Our Scales are sealed with ultrasonic processes eliminating the need for toxic sealing glues.

Traditional Tea bags are made or 15 to 35% of non-biodegradable residual plastics and chemical binders. The majority of Pyramid tea bags are made of nylon fabric which is also non-biodegradable.

Are all Puer Teas the same quality?

When Puer is grown, harvested, and processed correctly, it is one of the most beneficial plants for us to consume. Unfortunately more than 99% of Puer that is available is not produced in this way. As with most massive industries, Puer Tea is being produced mostly by people who either don't know the best ways to grow and process it, or by those who choose to take shortcuts in order to make it more profitable. Since the majority of producers have been doing this for so long, it sets the low standards for the final product. This makes it nearly impossible to find a good quality, properly grown and produced Puer.

When Puer is produced without the proper knowledge and ability, or when shortcuts are intentionally used, the final product is not only less effective, but it's properties are actually opposite of those from properly produced Puer. Since this has become an industry standard, most people have never experienced Puer in its optimum form. Most people don't even know that there's something different to look for, let alone where they may be able to find it.

Dragon GongFu's Puer collection includes the highest grade Puer Teas available, all grown in nutrient rich, pristine areas in the mountains of Yunnan Province. Seed grown plants, cultivated in pristine areas, and allowed to grow into trees for 100+ years are the basis for properly produced Puer. It is then necessary to process the leaves in a very precise way paying close attention to temperatures, moisture, and timing. The older tea trees that are grown from seed have a taproot and full root system that go very deep into the ground, allowing them to pull up minerals that can be extracted out of the leaves offering Puer drinkers essential minerals that cannot be found from any other plant. When all of this is done correctly, Puer is alkalinizing, hydrating, and mineralizing. These attributes are only available if the leaves are grown, harvested and processed with perfection.

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