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Puer has been revered for nearly two thousand years for its extraordinary preventative and curative healing properties. Hand-picked from old-growth trees, then processed by hand and sun dried, followed by a long process of fermentation and maturation, Puer goes through a natural fermentation process which produces micro-organisms that are particularly beneficial to the human body.  Puer contains a high amount of plant polyphenols, catechins, antioxidants and phytochemicals which have been proven to have a wide range of health benefits.

Boosts the Immune System & Prevents Illness

Puer is rich in beneficial antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and reduce the risks of contracting infections, including coronavirus infections. [1] The wide range of antioxidants found in Puer supports the immune system by eliminating free radicals and preventing them from causing cellular mutation and oxidative stress throughout the body. [2,3]

Boost in Energy Without the Crash

Puer is a healthier alternative to coffee and other energy drinks, producing a calm yet alert, focused, productive state. Puer tea contains theanine, an amino acid that has a calming effect. The combination of aged caffeine and theanine produce an alert, yet relaxed feeling without the midday energy crash.

Reduces Stress & Helps with Sleep

Puer helps to reduce stress by regulating and protecting the nervous system. The high GABA content of Puer acts as a natural relaxant, calming the nervous system by reducing neuron activity and pacifying the mind. [1] The presence of GABA and theanine reduces stress levels and increases the production of natural melatonin in the brain, helping to stabilize mood, calm the nerves, reduce anxiety levels and assist the body in more restful sleep cycles. [2,3,4,5]

Supports the Digestive System

Puer is well known as a powerful digestive aid. Puer’s antioxidant properties boost the nutrient absorption ability of the body through efficient breakdown of food. [1] Puer increases the healthy bacterial flora in the stomach and intestines, aiding in proper digestion of foods and the reduction of bloating. [2,3,4]  Puer consumption also clears the digestive tract for thorough digestive movement, aiding in indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea. [5,6]

Aids in Weight Loss

Puer has long been revered for its weight loss properties. [1] Puer down-regulates the biosynthesis of fat and up-regulates the oxidation of fat to promote weight loss and reduce blood lipid content. [2,3,4,5] Puer suppresses fatty acid synthase expression in the liver, resulting in reduced accumulation of abdominal fat, reduced fat content in the liver, and lower triglycerides. The polyphenols found in Puer speed up fat burning [6,7,8] and enhance cellular levels of hormone-sensitive lipase enzymes that block visceral fat accumulation. [9,10]

Helps Fight & Prevent Cancer

Containing a high amount of polyphenols, Puer protects cells from oxidative damage. [1] Puer combats free radical formation in the body, helping to fight cancer and promote cell health. [2] Puer inhibits the growth of tumor cells, [3,4,5,6] and slows the progression of protein cells in cancerous tissue. [7,8] Puer also down-regulates the growth of breast cancer cells [9,10,11] and may inhibit tumor growth in leukemia and stomach cancer. [12]

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Puer has high contents of GABA, which has been shown to reduce inflammation by reducing the chemicals that up-regulate inflammation. [1] Puer’s anti-inflammatory properties also help to alleviate arthritis, asthma and arteriosclerosis. Puer has been shown to soothe pain caused by inflammatory conditions, like arthritis and gout [2] and helps to ease redness, swelling, and other skin irritations. [3]

Reduces Cholesterol Levels

The microbial aging of Puer results in the production of lovastatin, a natural statin that has been shown to lower LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and increase the cardioprotective HDL cholesterol. [1,2,3,4] A study demonstrated that drinking 3-4 cups of Puer on a regular basis lowered cholesterol to the same extent as some of the most advanced pharmaceutical medications. [5]

Stroke Prevention & Regulates Proper Circulation of Blood

A recent study indicated that consuming Puer resulted in a 21% drop in risk for stroke by clearing out plaque buildup in the arteries. [1] Additional studies show Puer can increase blood circulation, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Puer also purifies the blood and protects blood vessels, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack. [2]

Helps Protect the Body from Harmful Bacteria

The polyphenols and flavonoids in Puer produce powerful antibacterial characteristics. [1] that help protect the body from harmful bacteria, such as E. coli. [2] Puer can also be used topically to help treat mild bacteria-driven conditions like acne. [3]

Eases Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome

Puer has been shown to successfully relieve the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. [1] Puer lowers blood sugar, boosts immunity, lowers cholesterol and prevents free radical damage. Studies have also found Puer to reduce body mass index and weight along with an improved lipid profile, tackling all of the syndrome’s factors. [2,3,4,5]

Boosts Mental Alertness & Cognitive Function

Puer protects the nervous system by reducing glutamate in neurons. [1] Puer also inhibits mGluR5 activation stimulated by glutamate in the central nervous system, helping to protect nerve cells and reducing the chances of mental illness. [2] Puer has also been shown to slow down memory loss, especially in people who carry certain genes for inflammation. [3]

Helps With Headaches & Migraines

Puer has oxidative properties that increase the level of oxygen in the blood. This enhances circulation as more oxygen is able to be delivered to the brain. By delivering more oxygen to essential organs in the body such as the brain, Puer helps to speed up recovery and combat migraines and headaches. [1]

Increases Immune Resistance in the Elderly

Immunosenescence, the progressive decline of adaptive immunity and chronic inflammation with ageing has been demonstrated to be the main factor responsible for infections, cancer and autoimmune conditions in the elderly. A recent study found that Puer consumption can reverse immunosenescence by restoring immune deficiency and decreasing inflammation. [1]

Combats Diabetes & Helps Manage Blood Sugar

Puer decreases fasting blood glucose and normalizes blood sugar levels, insulin, and lipid levels in the body. [1] Several studies have found that Puer was more effective at lowering blood glucose and stabilizing diabetes than widely used pharmaceuticals. [2,3] Puer helps to lower blood sugar levels after meals, [4] and reduces the effects of insulin resistance in the body by decreasing the digestion and absorption rate of carbohydrates. [5]

Improves Oral Health

The combination of phyto-chemicals and micro-organisms present in Puer have been shown to fight tooth decay, improve oral health and prevent bad breath. [1] Puer may also have the potential to reduce attachment of oral pathogens to gingival tissue and improve the health of oral soft tissues. [2]

Cleanses & Detoxifies the Blood

Many foods contain fatty oils, toxins, acids and chemicals that build up and toxify the body over time. These toxins get transferred throughout the body into the blood and lead to a variety of diseases. The unique fermentation process of Puer produces micro-organisms and simple sugars that help eliminate free radicals and cleanse the blood of toxins, removing them from the body and creating a healthier system. [1,2,3]

Helps Promote Bone Health

Puer’s positive effect on oxidative stress and inflammation may also benefit overall bone health. [1] Puer has been shown to increase bone density and protect against UV rays. [2] Puer protects from bone loss by reducing bone breakdown (osteoclast activity), which could help lower your risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Puer also reduces inflammation, which may help keep bones healthy. [3]‍

Helps Protect the Skin

Puer contains catechins that protect the skin from photoaging. Polyphenols in Puer help to attack systemic bacterial inflammation resulting in smoother complexion and toned skin. [1] EGCG, a powerful antioxidant found in Puer helps fight DNA damage and reactivate dying skin cells, reducing the formation of wrinkles and age spots caused by free radical damage. [2] Puer's microbial properties also help to introduce beneficial enzymes to the skin helping acne. [3]


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