elevate your drinking experience

a curated collection of rare living vintage teas

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elevate your drinking experience

a curated collection of rare living vintage teas

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Introducing the World's Finest Cup of Tea

Dragon GongFu offers an exclusive curated collection of some of the finest, highest-quality and rarest Puer Teas available. Puer is an aged fermented full-bodied dark sipping tea known for its numerous healing benefits and its smooth, bold, silky, and delightfully sweet flavor. Similar to some of the world’s finest wines and whiskey liqueurs, Puer mellows and improves in taste and flavor with age. Puer is a living tea and is in a constant state of change, so no two brews will taste the same.
Complex & Full-Bodied With an Ever-Evolving Taste Profile
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A Living Tea that Awakens and Evolves with Each Brew

Our Vintage Puer Tea is post-fermented, meaning the tea leaves go through a microbial fermentation process after they have been dried and rolled, causing the leaves to darken and change in flavor. This process allows Puer to improve with age and to retain its freshness for more than 50 years. This unique fermentation process and prolonged aging improves the taste of the tea while giving Puer Tea its rich, dark color. This unique fermentation process also gives Puer Tea its tremendous health benefits, producing micro-organisms that are beneficial to the human body. Drinking 2-3 cups of Dragon GongFu Puer on a daily basis can serve as a healing herbal remedy.

An Extraordinarily Unique Drinking Experience

A healing Elixir MAde From Ancient Plants

a Dark, Thick Silky Brew Anywhere, Anytime

Experience Focused Energy All Day Without the Crash

Our vintage Puer offers a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks. Hand-picked from old-growth trees in the pristine Yunnan Province of China, followed by a long process of fermentation and maturation, our vintage Puer Teas offer trace minerals that cannot be found in any other plant. The unique mix of theanine, an amino acid with a calming effect, combined with fermented caffeine aged for decades produces a calm, yet alert, focused, productive state that lasts for 6+ hours.
Sharpens your mind & calms your body
Explore the Benefits
Alkalizing, Hydrating and Mineralizing
When Puer is grown, harvested, processed and prepared correctly, it is one of the most beneficial plants to consume. Unfortunately the majority of the Puer available is not produced this way, resulting in a tea with properties that are opposite of those from a properly produced Puer.  At Dragon GongFu, we only offer the highest grade Puer available. All of our offerings are curated and hand picked by a Tea Master whose lineage invented the method of ripened Puer.  Our vintage Puer Teas have been processed using traditional methods, paying close attention to temperatures, moisture, soil and timing. Our teas are all processed by hand and sun dried, followed by a long process of fermentation and maturation.  Many of our Puer Teas were harvested more than 20 years ago, offering unique characteristics and a smoothness that is otherwise impossible.
Stay energized & thrive all day
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